Sunday, September 28, 2014

the adventure at home

I was getting ready to ask Char to print out my blog as a keepsake, but I realized I wanted to include pictures of the conclusion of the traveling adventure.  The adventure of HOME.  Home.  Yay!  There is still plenty of adventure to be had.

We now live at the top of Mount St. Utter.  (Like Mount St. Helen's.)  We figure if the driveway is steep enough to require a switchback, it's officially a mountain.

Our new home came with a dog.  Meet Max.  Confusingly, named the same as my nephew, but seeing as one is orange and furry and the other is not, we can generally tell them apart.  I never knew I wanted a dog.  I did, though.  The kids really did.

The house also came with tons of woods to explore, and the woods came with their own tour guide: Gray Kitty.  We live in the country now, and we love it!

Creating paths and hideouts through the woods is one of the boys' new favorite hobbies.

Grapevines are another favorite new hobby, for hiding and swinging.

Friends!  We're home, and we're loving being with friends.

The backyard adventure continues with a new slackline birthday present from Grandma and Poppy.

We've scootered around the country, but it's still a blast to scooter in the driveway.

The kids missed their bikes on our trip, and now we have some great hills for riding!

And some green space for soccer playing.

There's a backyard family of wild turkeys.  Did I mention that I love living in the country?

Y began his first day of public school.  Welcome to first grade!

The rest of the boys all went back to school, too.

Miss I began preschool.  I don't know how that's even possible.  Time flies.  (E just walked by, read this, and said, "Time does NOT fly at school."  They'd rather be homeschooled.  I, however, think there's life lessons to be learned in a variety of different places, and I think this is a good choice this year.)

And so, the Utter Adventure continues at home.  I love the adventure of this family, wherever we are.
It's a lesson learned from life on the road: I think we need more time as a family.  As a culture, and now that we're at home, we spend a lot of time taking each kid to a different age-appropriate and gender-appropriate soccer, or ballet, or basketball, or whatever.  I think we need more time as a family.  I'm working to remember that as our adventure continues and I organize our life at home.  More time as a family.  More time outside.  More time making memories.  Living differently, following God.

Happy fall to you and your family!