Friday, October 30, 2015

One thing we did right

This picture will always make me smile.  Nothing like watching your five-year-old buckle the neighbor girl into a life vest so that she could jump off the back deck while your nine-year-old sprays her with a hose so that they can be "swimming."

It's interesting to watch other moms and their kids.  Some kids are piano prodigies, some are in every sport and activity available, some are perfect in school, and some can take apart an engine and put it back together.  Sometimes, I feel inferior as a mom.  But, I look at this picture, and think, "This one thing, we did right."

Yep, I'm glad we've raised the kids outside.  Outside is beauty, creativity, and craziness, and I love it!

I guess I also really like that we're raising them on the Word of God and prayer - first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.  There needs to be a purpose and love in life that's bigger than we are, and I love seeing the kids learn that in Jesus.

And, I like that we're raising them on great literature.  I love lying on the carpeted floor between their bedrooms, and reading the adventure of ideas and Tirzah, the Great Horn Spoon, or Lopez Lomong.

I just love enjoying it all.

I do suppose that we've all done some different things right as parents.  There's some sort of parenting philosophy that we all follow, that's unique to our own family.

 Homeschooling - for this child, anyway

Time with family

 Learning to help and learning to ride


 Investing in others that God puts on our hearts


 And more adventure

Some of what we do right as parents is on purpose, and some out of necessity.  This fall, E switched to the pump for diabetes, and so now I have lots of thoughts about the Omnipod.

I like thinking about life every quarter on this blog, because I want to live life on purpose.  I want to be sure we're getting some things right.  Not everything, but those things that make our family our family, and those things that make this life an Utter Adventure.

What's something you're doing right, in the way you're living as a family?